Custom cover art

Design process

  • First, you let us know you want to schedule a project, and together we work out the timing based on your book’s release date and our current schedule.
  • Once you determine you’re ready to schedule with us, we will send you our Cover Art Agreement that lays out exactly what we will provide, the timing, and the costs and fees for your project.
  • We will send you a worksheet to complete. This is your chance to describe genre, tone, and give us your vision for what you want your cover to look like. Once we receive your design ideas, we will discuss it and come up with a general written ‘sketch’ of the cover, what elements you want, etc.
  • 50% of the fee is due before work begins as a non-refundable deposit. Your quote will be listed in the agreement, so there won’t be any surprises. (Our typical fees are listed below.)
  • Once the first pass of the cover is done, we send you a watermarked proof of the design we’d discussed.
  • You request tweaks and changes. (Please note that if you significantly change direction from the discussed design, additional charges may apply.)
  • We send you a final proof based on those requests.
  • You send the remaining portion of the fee.
  • We send final artwork without watermarks.

What you receive

What you will receive:

Ebooks: For a front-only cover (ebooks), we typically do a 5x8 proportion jpg file at 300dpi unless specifically requested to do otherwise. (Note: If you think you may want to add a print cover later, you can do that, but it helps if you let us know ahead of time so we can design with that in mind.)

Print books: If you are producing a print copy and need a full wrap-around cover (front+spine+back), we’ll use the template (based on final page count) from whichever printing service you choose. We will provide the PDF your print service requires as well as a separate jpg file for your own use.

The files you receive: We typically send a large version (for uploading to the book retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, etc) and a web-version, which is smaller in file size and resolution, perfect for sharing on social media or your blog.

Typical fees

The prices listed below are a our typical, base price. The actual price for your project may be different if you have specific needs that are outside the norm. Your fees will be laid out in the Cover Design Agreement which we will send to you when you schedule the project, so there won’t be any surprises.

Note: for designs using stock images: If you have a specific image you would like to use, we request that you purchase the licence for it from the stock image website and send it to us (in high resolution). Otherwise, the price of each stock image we purchase on your behalf will be added to your final billing.

Note: for custom illustrations (drawn images in the cartoon style in the gallery above): The images we produce are digitally created, original, vector art drawings, custom drawn and based around your descriptions and specifications.

Note about special fonts: If you want a specific font that is not Open Source (free commercial licensing) and is not one we currently own, then you must purchase the correct font license from the foundry and send it to us.

Digital manipulation / Stock image covers:

  • Ebook: $195
  • Ebook + print: $295
  • Ebook + print + audio book: $349

Typical hand-drawn illustration covers:

  • Ebook: $495
  • Ebook + print: $595
  • Ebook + print + audio book: $649

*“Typical” would cover all the samples in the gallery above– one or two characters, props, background, titling, etc. Only something that is extremely complex, such as a cast of thousands, would run more than that because it would take much more time.

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